We love our denim

29 May 2015

We love our denim

    If you haven't already purchased our denim you need to stop what you are doing and click on "bottoms", scroll down to ether the detroyed skinnies or our side seam cut offs and order them IMMEDIATLY!!! Just kidding, read this first! People I'm telling you, as someone who is picky about shorts and pants I was surprised when i found a pair of skinny jeans that had all my favorite details let alone fit like a champ! Not to mention since having my babies I had a horrible time finding cut offs that do not reveal my booty! It was love at first try-on. As a long time lover of the denim brand Just USA I had no hesitation deciding where my denim pieces would be coming from! Still, I was very impressed with both the jeans and the shorts once they arrived.

      If you are looking for a comfortable but on-trend pair of jeans, these are for you. The distressing is on point, as well as the medium wash color. They can be worm with heels, folded and cropped with your favorite flip flop or tucked under a pair of fringe boots! Def a staple Jean that every gal should have in her closet! Don't worry lady's over 30, these are mid-rise so u won't be shining your crack while bending over to tie a shoe, your welcome. 

    Let's talk shorts. Seriously though, why in the hell are every. single. pair. of shorts out there 2 inch inseam? Really. My 3 year old has a longer inseam than that! But then again I could always wear bramuda shorts. NO. JUST NO. So you could imagine my excitement once I realized there was a 5 inch imseam option in a cut off (that I didn't cut off myself) (not that I do that) These are more of a high rise which is totally current right now. You will not be disappointed! 

ORDER before it's too late! There will not be a restock on ether of these items!

                               ~love you guys~